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Flashonator Detonator Simulator Flash Device for Training & Testing

Flashonator is a consumable product that simulates the use of an electric detonator in a demolition firing circuit, providing users with a safe means to conduct equipment testing and dry training of BIRIS and other handheld and remote firing devices. Such testing may be required during pre-deployment rehearsals and equipment checks or during equipment serviceability testing conducted at the stores facility.

Flashonator is designed for use where live electric initiators or heat generating one-use consumable flash-bulbs are not desired. It is purpose built to give a similar measurable resistance of an electric L2A2 detonator when connected to a firing circuit. When fired, Flashonator provides a white omnidirectional flash utilising an LED that confirms initiation of the firing circuit has taken place.

Flashonator is small, lightweight, compact, easy to operate and provides a cost effective solution for the replication of live Initiators. This enables operators to effectively conduct and practice detonator firing circuit procedures in a non-hazardous environment such as classroom. The device is sealed thus fully waterproof, making it suitable for outdoor use to support realistic procedural training during training and exercises

Flashonator has its own integral power source, giving more than 2,500 firings. A smaller green LED intermittently flashes after firing takes place, providing further confirmation that the device has been fired correctly. This is an advantage to instructors or Directing Staff where multi-user  procedural confirmation is required.